Ramakrishnan Srikant

Ramakrishnan Srikant
Ramakrishnan Srikant.jpg
Alma materUniversity of Wisconsin
AwardsACM Fellow (2014) [1]
Scientific career
FieldsComputer Science
InstitutionsIBM, Google
ThesisFast Algorithms for Mining Association Rules and Sequential Patterns (1996)
Doctoral advisorRakesh Agrawal
Jeffrey Naughton

Ramakrishnan Srikant is a Google Fellow at Google.

His primary field of research is Data Mining. His 1994 paper, Fast algorithms for mining association rules,[2] co-authored with Rakesh Agrawal has acquired over 16000 citations as per Google Scholar[3] as of July 2014, and is thus one of the most cited papers in the area of Data Mining. It won the VLDB 10-year award in 2004.[4] His 1995 paper, Mining Sequential Patterns,[5] also co-authored with Rakesh Agrawal, was awarded the ICDE Influential Paper Award in 2008,[6] and his 2004 paper, Order-Preserving Encryption for Numeric Data,[7] co-authored with Rakesh Agrawal, Jerry Kiernan and Yirong Xu, won the 2014 SIGMOD Test of Time Award.[8]

Srikant is a winner of the Grace Murray Hopper Award[9] and was also awarded the SIGKDD Innovation Award in the year 2006.[10]

He was elected to Fellow of ACM (2014) for contributions to knowledge discovery and data mining.[11]


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