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Red Sea State

ولاية البحر الأحمر

Wilāyat al-Baḥr al-ʾAḥmar
Port Sudan
Port Sudan
Official seal of Red Sea State
Location in Sudan.
Location in Sudan.
Coordinates: 19°35′N 35°37′E / 19.583°N 35.617°E / 19.583; 35.617Coordinates: 19°35′N 35°37′E / 19.583°N 35.617°E / 19.583; 35.617
Country Sudan
RegionEastern Sudan States Coordinating Council
CapitalPort Sudan
 • GovernorVacant
 • Total218,887 km2 (84,513 sq mi)
(2018 (est.))
 • Total1,482,053[1]
 • Density6.6/km2 (17/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)
HDI (2017)0.518[2]

Red Sea (Arabic: البحر الأحمرWilayat Al Baḥr al Aḥmar) is one of the 18 wilayat or states of Sudan.[3] It has an area of 212,800 km²[4] and an estimated population of 1,482,053 (2018). Port Sudan is the capital of the state.[4] Sudan claims, but does not control, the Halaib Triangle, a region disputed between Sudan and Egypt. The original inhabitants of the State are the Beja people, who constitute above 65% of the current population with lower wealth and power in the region.



Geographically, in the east, bordering the state, is the Red Sea. Inland, mountains run from north to south, which are interrupted by arid plains. To the northwest is the Nubian Desert. The Siyal Islands are located in the disputed area between Egypt and Sudan in the northeast.

The Sudanese state is divided into the eight administrative areas: Bur Sudan (Port Sudan), Gebiet Elma'din, Halayib, Haya, Sawakin, Sinkat, Gunob Awlieb, Derodieb, Tokar and Ageeg.



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