Rev or Rév may refer to:


  • Rev I of Iberia (died 216), king of (Caucasian) Iberia (i.e., eastern Georgia)
  • Rev II of Iberia, a prince who functioned as a co-king to his father Mirian III, the first Christian Georgian ruler
  • Rev Cannady (1904–1981), baseball player in the Negro Leagues



  • Revlon, an American multinational cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company
  • REV Group, an American manufacturer of specialty vehicles
  • D-Rev, a non-profit product development company

Other uses

  • Rev (HIV), an HIV gene
  • Rev. (TV series), a BBC sitcom (2010–2014) about an inner-city priest
  • Rev (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain
  • Rev Bem, a fictional character in the television series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
  • Rev limiter, a device attached to an internal combustion engine
  • REV, a brand of tortilla-wrapped snacks manufactured by the Hormel food company
  • Rev (drink), an alcopop
  • G.rev, a Japanese arcade videogame developer
  • Horns Rev, a shallow area in the eastern North Sea
  • Rev, a type of semantic link
  • Şəlvə, Khojali, a village in Armenian-occupied Azerbaijan
  • Rév, the Hungarian name for Vadu Crișului Commune, Bihor County, Romania
  • R.E.V. - Robotic Enhanced Vehicles, a toy sold by WowWee
  • REV, the product code used by Nintendo for Wii hardware and software, a reference to the platform's prototype name of Revolution


Rev. may refer to:

Revs may refer to:


REV or R.E.V. may refer to:

See also

  • Rav, an honorific title

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