Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards

Rocky Mountain Emmy Award
Awarded forExcellence in television
LocationPhoenix, Arizona
Presented byNATAS
First awarded1959

The Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards are a division of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The Rocky Mountain Southwest chapter was founded in 1959, and is responsible for granting the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards, awarding scholarships, honoring industry veterans with the Gold & Silver Circle Society, conducting Student Production Awards, and operates a free research and a nationwide job bank. The chapter also participates in judging Emmy entries at the regional and national levels.[1]


The academy is divided into the following boundaries and encompasses the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and El Centro, California. These boundaries are responsible for the submission of television broadcast materials presented for awards considerations.[2]

New Mexico
California El Centro, California

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is a working board, which works together collaboratively to ensure they are providing for the best interests of the membership.[3]

Executive Committee

President - Doug Mummert, Phoenix Fire Foundation

1st Vice President - Mark Reda, ASU

2nd Vice President - Theresa Maher, Hire Story

Treasurer - Suzanne Guery, PBS (Ret.)

Secretary - Jennifer Doan, Fox 10 Phoenix

Trustee - Bob Adlhoch, Phoenix Suns

Trustee - Doug Mummert, Phoenix Fire Foundation

Executive Director - Lara Gates

Board of Governors, 2018-2019

Dan J.P. Ciernia, M.Ed., AZ POST

Chuck Emmert, Know99

Mike Headrick, KSL (Utah)

Krystle Henderson, 12News

Greg Shepperd, KOAT (New Mexico)

Pat McReynolds, Owner, McReynolds Media LLC

Gina Santiago, Univision

Warren Trent, 3TV KTVK & CBS5 KPHO

Board of Governors 2019-2020

Dan Barr, Perkins Coie

John Booth, Arizona Public Media (Tucson)

George Davilas, 12News

Jennifer Jones, CBS5 & KTVK 3TV

Micah Johnson, MediaStars

Danielle Lerner, ABC15

Lindsey Reiser, CBS5 & KTVK 3TV

Donna Rossi, CBS5 & 3TV


John Craft, Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Genaro Delgadillo, SRP

Joseph Ortiz, Tolleson Union High School District

Malachy Wienges, Sedona Broadcasting Company

Dale Wyman, Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board & Top Prospect Video Production

Student Board Members:

Manny Fontes, Grand Canyon University

Frankie McLister, Arizona State University

Emmy award winners

Emmy award winners are individuals who show excellence in the field of television. The Emmys are held to the same esteem as the Oscars are to motion pictures or the Grammy Awards are to the music industry[4]


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