Romanization of Wu Chinese

Wu Chinese have three major schools of romanization.

The most popular school, Common Wu pinyin (通用吴语拼音) was developed by local language clubs and local learners. It has two popular schemes, both adhere to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and similar to each other, 吴语协会拼音 and 吴语学堂拼音. Another popular school, Latin phonetic method (吴语拉丁式注音法, often shorten as French-Wu [法吴]), utilizes the similarities between French and Wu phonetics and thus adheres to both IPA and French orthography.[1][2] The third school adheres to Mandarin pinyin, exemplified by the 2006 Qian Nairong's Shanghainese Pinyin (上海话拼音方案, often shorten as Qian's Pinyin [钱拼]).[3]


dagger Romanization schemes
i denotes 吴语协会拼音
ii denotes 吴语学堂拼音
iii denotes 吴语拉丁式注音法, also known as 法吴
iv denotes Qian Nairong's 上海话拼音方案 in 2006
§ gives example characters correspond to the Shanghainese dialect
IPA† Romanization schemes † Characters §
i ii iii iv
p p b 巴百
ph p 怕捧
b b bh 旁别
m mh 没母
ˀm m 闷美
m 姆亩
f f f 夫反
v v fh 佛犯
ˀv v [4]
t t d 多德
th t 体通
d d dh 地同
n nh, -n 纳努
ˀn ng 囡呢
ȵ[5] ny nh 尼女
ˀȵ[5] n 研妞
l lh 勒路
ˀl l 拎了
ts ts z 子张
tsʰ tsh c 超参
s s s 书三
z z sh 传食
c j 居尖
tɕʰ ch q 曲青
j jh 求极
ɕ sh x 需血
ʑ xh 谢墙
k k g 工各
kh k 苦客
ɡ g gh 共搞
ŋ ng nhg-, -ng 鹅牙
ˀŋ ng 我砑
ŋ̍ ng 五鱼
ɦ gh hh 红合
ɻ -r (er) 而尔
ʔ -k


IPA† Romanization schemes † E.g.
i ii iii iv
i -i, -i-, y-, yh- 西谢
ɿ[5] -y 资处
u -u, -u-, w-, wh- 多坏
y yu, -u,[6] -u-, yhu- 须卷
[5] a (ia, ua) 拉写
o o (o, ong, iong) 沙画
[5] e (e, ue) 海难
ɔ ao (ao, iao) 少表
ɤ ou (ou, iu[7]) 头流
ø oe (uoe, yoe) 看完
ə e (en, un,[7] er) 登而
ã an (ian, uan) 长横
ɑ̃ ang (ang, iang, uang) 刚光
Vowels with glottal stops
ᴀʔ ak (ak, iak, uak) 白脚
əʔ ek (ek, uek) 合活
ok (ok, iok) 角肉
iɪʔ ik 笔吃
yɪʔ yuik 血月


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