Rubens family

House of Rubens
noble family
Cooat of arms
CountryBandera cruz de Borgoña 2.svg Spanish Netherlands
FoundedPeter Paul Rubens
TitlesLords of Vremdyck
Lords of Rameyen
Crest of Gerardus Rubens, Abbot Ocist
Helena Fourment and the Count of Brouchoven.
Rubens and van Parys
Bartholomeus Rubens
Barbara Arents
Rubens and his son Albert (1614-1657)

The Rubens family is a Flemish noble family that resided in Antwerp.


The origin is believed to be Marie Arnoult Rubbens,[1] died 1350 who lived in Antwerp and was married to Catherine van den Elshoutte. Their son Johm married Marguerite of Catschote, and was the father of three sons: Arnoult II, Josse and Peter I Bartholomaeus I Rubens, born 1501, is recorded as being at the court of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. He married Barbara Arents, of noble birth.

Most famous are his grandsons, the painter Sir Peter Paul Rubens (knighted in 1624 by Philip IV of Spain and in 1630 by Charles I of England), and his brother Philip Rubens, who entered the in service of Cardinal Ascanio Colonna. Many of their descendants married to important noble families. The main family members are buried in the Saint James' church, Antwerp and the former St. Michael's Abbey.

Today the family is extinct in the male line, but has descendants in the other branches: Goubau-Rubens / van Parys-Rubens / de Lunden-Rubens. It is believed that there are more than 10.000 descendants today, most of them members of the Belgian aristocracy.[2] The last direct male-line descendant of the painter was his grandson Alexander Rubens, Lord of Vremdyck, who died in Mechelen.


  • Peter I Rubbens, son of Arnoult II died 1527. Marr. Margharete van Looveren.
    • Peter Ruebens
    • Constant Ruebens
    • Magdaleine Ruebens, marr. Raphael Moninx
    • Mary Ruebens
    • Bartholomaeus I Rubens (1501-) had a pharmacy: marr. 1530 Barbara Arents, dite Spierinck .[3]
      • Jan Rubens (1554-): doct. Iuris: studied canon law in the Sapienza University of Rome, 1562 Alderman of Antwerp: marr. 1561 Maria Pypelinckx, daughter of Henry.[4]
        • Philip I Rubens (1574-1611): secretary to Cardinal Ascanio Colonna. Marr. in 1609 to Maria de Moy, daughter of Hendrik de Moy and Clara of Gülick.
          • Clara II Rubens (1610-1678): marr. Gregory de Weerdt.[5]
          • Philip II Rubens (1611-1678): Secretary of Antwerp. Dies without heirs.
        • Jan II Baptiste Rubens (1562-1600)
        • Blandina Rubens (1564-1606): marr. Simon du Parcq, buried in Ecaussinnes.[6]
        • Clara I Rubens (1565-1580)
        • Henry Rubens (1567-1583)
        • Peter II Paul Rubens (1577-1640): painter to the Archdukes Albert and Isabella, knighted in 1624/1630. Marr. 1st Isabella Brant, 2nd Helena Fourment[7].
          • 1/ Clara III Serena Rubens
          • 1/ Albert I Rubens (1614-1657): marr. Clara del Monte. Secretary to the Privy Council.
            • Albert II Rubens, died 13 years.
            • Isabella Helena Rubens: marr. Marc van der Vekene, Lord of Berent.
            • Constance Maria Rubens: marr. Mattheu of Beughem, Lord of Ottignies.
              • Clara Philippa de Beughem (1665-1722): marr. Alexander of Hannoset (1658-1740)
              • Catharine Francisca de Beughem (1673-1718)
              • Hyacinthe Joseph de Beughem (1675-1735): Lord 0f Ottignies. marr. Maria Lucia de Villegas.
            • Clara V Petronilla Rubens: marr. don Juan Guillermo, viscount of Alvarado y Bracamonte (1643-1735): Schepen of Brussels, Lord of Melis and Opberghen.
              • don Andres Joseph, Viscount of Alvarado y Bracamonte.
              • don Joannes Philipp Constant, Viscount of Alvarado y Bracamonte.
              • don Alexander Guillaume, Viscount of Alvarado y Bracamonte.
              • doña Catherine Josepha, Viscountes of Alvarado y Bracamonte: Marr. Charles Claude François de Blondel d’Oudenhove
          • 1/ Nicolaas Peter Paulus Rubens (1618-1655): marr. Constancia Helman, daughter of Ferdinand, Schepen of Antwerp.
            • Albert III Marie Rubens (1642-1672), Lord of Ramaye:[8] Schepen of Antwerpen. marr. Catharina Vecquemans.
            • Philippe III Rubens: Alderman of Antwerp, Mayor of Antwerp in 1691.
            • Jan II Nicolaas Rubens: marr. Constante Cornelie Helman, daughter of the Lord of Waesbeeke.
              • Cornelia Paulina Philippine Rubens (1677-1738): marr, to Honore Henri, Count of Esbeke, Vicomte de Haeghen, lord of Riviere d'Arschot (1659-1739).
                • Nicolas Clement Honore van der Hagen, died 1729.
                • Constantia Honorine Theresia van der Hagen, Countess d'Esbeke, marr. Ferdinand philippe de Vischer, Baron of Celles: Lord mayor of Brussels.
            • Helene Francoise Rubens: marr. John Baptist Lunden.
            • Constantia Maria Rubens: marr. Lambert Frederick of Bronchorst (died 1717), Lord of Ballaere.[10]
          • 2/ Clara IV Joanna Rubens,lady of Merksem, died 1689: marr. Philip van Parys, Lord of Merxem, buried in Saint-Jacobs.
            • Jacques-Ignace van Parys, Canon in Ghent Catedral.[11]
            • Jean Baptiste van Parys, Lord of Vremdyck marr. Isabella Philippine vander Brugghen, daughter of Conrad.
            • Jean François van Parys,
            • Philippe Constant van Parys, died 1729: Marr. Catharine Françoise Rubens, Daughter of François I Rubens, marr. Suzanne Charles.
              • Alexandre Jacques van Parys
              • Jean-Baptiste Philippe van Parys
              • Isabella Alexandrina van Parys: marr. Francois Frederic, count di Respani, Lord of Vremdyck, died 1759.
                • Alexandre Joseph de Rispani, Count Respani, Lord of Vremdyck, marr. Maria Josephine de Ryckel.
                • Catherine Hyacinthe de Rispani.
          • 2/ François I Rubens : Schepen of Antwerp in 1659, marr. Suzanne Charles.
            • François II Rubens, marr. Barbe Francisca de Claer
            • Alexander Joseph Rubens, Lord of Vremdyck, marr. Catharine van Parys, daughter of John Baptiste, Lord of Vremdyck.
            • Catharine Françoise Rubens, died 1717, marr. Philip Constant van Parys, son of Clara IV Joanna Rubens and Philippe of Parys, lord of Mercksem
          • 2/ Isabella Helena Rubens (1635-1652)
          • 2/ Peter III Paul Rubens (1642-1672): priest.
          • 2/ Constantia Rubens, born 3 February 1641: entered La Cambre Abbey in l668.
        • Bartholomaeus II Rubens (1581-1581).



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