Rudi Vervoort

Rudi Vervoort
Rudi Vervoort 2015.jpg
Minister-President of Brussels
Assumed office
7 May 2013
Preceded byCharles Picqué
Personal details
Born (1958-11-20) 20 November 1958 (age 61)
Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Belgium
Political partySocialist Party
Alma materUniversité libre de Bruxelles

Rudi Vervoort (born 20 November 1958) is a Brussels politician. He is the mayor of Evere since 1998 and member of the Brussels Parliament. He became the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region on 7 May 2013[1][2] and is responsible for Local Authorities, Urban Development, Monuments and Sites, Environmental Maintenance (responsibility delegated to the Secretary of State Rachid Madrane [fr]), Development Cooperation and Regional Statistics.

He holds a degree in law.



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Political offices
Preceded by
Charles Picqué
Minister-President of Brussels

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