Rural communities of Senegal

Rural communities (Communautés rurales) (CR) are the fourth-level administrative divisions in Senegal. They are administrative subdivisions comprising the villages, but are distinct from the urban communes and municipalities concerning medium or large towns.

Senegal is a predominantly agricultural country, and the rural communities by far encompass the largest part of the national territory.


The rural communities were imposed by the law No. 72.25 on 19 April 1972.

Until early 2008, there were about 324 rural communities but in August 2008 the number has increased and there are now about 340.

Dakar Region

  • Bambylor
  • Tivaouane Peulh-Niaga
  • Yène

Diourbel Region

Bambey Department

  • Baba Garage
  • Dinguiraye
  • Keur Samba Kane
  • Gawane
  • Lambaye
  • Ngogom
  • Réfane
  • Dangalma
  • Ndondol
  • Ngoye
  • Thiakar

Diourbel Department

  • Dankh Sène
  • Gade Escale
  • Keur Ngalgou
  • Ndindy
  • Taiba Moutoupha
  • Ndoulo
  • Ngohé
  • Patar
  • Tocky-Gare
  • Touré Mbonde

Mbacke Department

  • Darou Salam Typ
  • Dendey Gouyegui
  • Madina
  • Ndioumane Taiba
  • Thiékène
  • Touba Mboul
  • Ngabou Dalla
  • Missirah
  • Nghoye
  • Touba Fall
  • Touba Mosquée
  • Sadio
  • Taïf

Fatick Region

Fatick Department

Foundiougne Department

  • Djilor
  • Bassoul
  • Dionewar
  • Djirnda
  • Keur Saloum Diané
  • Keur Samba Guèye
  • Nioro Allassane Tall
  • Toubacouta
  • Gossas Gossas
  • Guinguinéo

Gossas Department

  • Colobane
  • Mbar
  • Gagnick
  • Ndiago
  • Mbadakhoune
  • Ngathe Naoudé
  • Ourour
  • Ndiéné Lagane
  • Ouadiour
  • Patar Lia

Kaolack Region

Kaffrine Department

  • Birkelane
  • Mabo, Senegal
  • Mboss
  • Ndiognick
  • Gainte Pathé
  • Ida Mouride
  • Lour Escale
  • Maka-Yop
  • Ribot Escale
  • Saly Escale
  • Boulel
  • Darou Minam 2
  • Djanké Souf
  • Gniby
  • Kahi, Senegal
  • Malem Hodar
  • Ndioum Ngainthe
  • Diokoul Mbelbouck
  • Kathiotte
  • Médinatoul Salam II
  • Nganda

Kaolack Department

Guinguinéo Department

Kaolack Department

Koungheul Department

Nioro du Rip Department

Kolda Region

Kolda Department

Médina Yoro Foulah Department

Vélingara Department

Louga Region

Kébémer Department

Linguère Department

Louga Department

Matam Region

Kanel Department

Matam Department

Ranérou Ferlo Department

Saint-Louis Region

Dagana Department

Podor Department

Saint-Louis Department

Tambacounda Region

Bakel Department

Kédougou Department

Koumpentoum Department

Tambacounda Department

Thiès Region

M'bour Department

Thiès Department

Tivaouane Department

Ziguinchor Region

Bignona Department

Oussouye Department

Ziguinchor Department


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