Ryder (crater)

Ryder crater WAC.jpg
LRO WAC image
Coordinates44°30′S 143°12′E / 44.5°S 143.2°E / -44.5; 143.2Coordinates: 44°30′S 143°12′E / 44.5°S 143.2°E / -44.5; 143.2
Diameter17 km
Colongitude217° at sunrise
EponymGraham Ryder[1]
Lunar Orbiter 3 image (Ryder is at center)
Layered deposits visible in Ryder crater, photographed by LROC

Ryder is a crater on the far side of the Moon. It is located in a patch of higher albedo surface material to the east of the larger RochePauli crater pair. The name for this crater was officially approved at the IAU general assembly in 2006.

This circular-rimmed crater lies along the eastern rim of a larger formation that is most likely the remains of an old, worn impact. Less than a crater diameter to the west of Ryder is the 24-km-diameter satellite crater Pauli E. Ryder is an oblique impact, and a coherent, layered piece of the lunar crust lies on its side on the eastern side of the crater.[2]


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