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ACM SIGAI is the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI), an interdisciplinary group of academic and industrial researchers, practitioners, software developers, end users, and students who work together to promote and support the growth and application of AI principles and techniques throughout computing. SIGAI is one of the oldest special interest groups in the ACM. SIGAI, previously called SIGART, started in 1966, publishing the SIGART Newsletter that later became the SIGART Bulletin and Intelligence Magazine.[1]


SIGAI supports several conferences.


ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (ACM TIST) is a scholarly journal that publishes the quality papers on intelligent systems, applicable algorithms and technology with a multi-disciplinary perspective. An intelligent system is one that uses AI techniques to offer important services (e.g., as a component of a larger system) to allow integrated systems to perceive, reason, learn, and act intelligently in the real world.[6]


AI Matters is the SIGAI quarterly newsletter featuring ideas and announcements of interest to the AI community. AI Matters is archived and made available in the ACM Digital Library.


SIGAI has two main awards that are given out annually.

Allen Newell Award

The ACM - AAAI Allen Newell Award was founded in honor of Allen Newell, one of the founders of the field of AI. It is presented to an individual selected for career contributions that have breadth within computer science, or that bridge computer science and other disciplines.

ACM/SIGAI Autonomous Agents Research Award

The ACM/SIGAI Autonomous Agents Research Award recognizes researchers in autonomous agents whose current work is an important influence on the field. The award is an official ACM award, funded by an endowment created by ACM SIGAI from the proceeds of previous Autonomous Agents conferences. Prior to 2014, it was known as the ACM/SIGART Autonomous Agents Award. Winners include the following:

SIGAI Advisory Board

The SIGAI Advisory Board includes:

SIGAI Officers

SIGAI Elected Officers include:

SIGAI Appointed Officers include:

  • Eric Eaton, Newsletter Editor
  • Amy McGovern, Newsletter Co-editor
  • Doug Lange, News Officer
  • Sven Koenig, Conference Coordination Officer
  • Gabor Melli, Publications Officer
  • Smiljana Petrovic, Membership and Outreach Officer
  • Tom Dietterich, Public Policy Officer
  • Mehran Sahami, Education Activities Liaison
  • Peter Norvig, Education Activities Liaison
  • Allen Lavoie, Information Officer

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