Saikyō Maru

Saikyō Maru
Saikyo Maru1888.JPG
Name: Saikyō Maru
Launched: 1888
Fate: Broken up 1927
General characteristics
Tonnage: 2904 tons

Saikyō Maru (西京丸) was a Japanese cargo and transport ship involved in the Battle of the Yalu River (1894) during the First Sino-Japanese War, carrying Viscount Admiral Kabayama Sukenori, and commanded by John Wilson.

Saikyō Maru was built in 1888 and weighted 2904 tons. She was requisitioned in 1894 as an Armed Merchant Cruiser/Transport and returned to commercial duties after the war in 1895. Before being released from naval duties, Saikyō Maru was used to tow the captured ironclad battleship Zhenyuan from Weihaiwei to Port Arthur.

She was requisitioned again in 1904 as a transport but was re-rated as a hospital ship in February 1905. She was later returned to commercial use and broken up in 1927.

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