Sathmar Swabian

Sathmar Swabian is an Upper Swabian dialect of High German spoken in Romania in Satu Mare by the Sathmar Swabians,[1] who are among the few Danube Swabians who are in fact Swabian. Many speakers now live in Germany, but some remain in Romania.

Sample words

Sathmar Swabian[2] Swabian in Germany Standard German English
i i, e ich I
du du du you (singular)
mir, mr wir we
dees des dies this
daß daß dass that (conjunction)
wear wer we
wa, waa was what
it (itt, itte) nedd nicht not
alles älles alles everything (all)
vie viel many


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  2. ^ words from: Claus Stephani, Volksgut der Sathmarschwaben (1985)

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