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Servitka Roma (Ukrainian Серви, Russian Сэрвы) is a subgroup of Romani. They formed as a group in Ukraine, where their ancestors had come from Serbia. Servitka Roma are part of the Romani people in Ukraine and in Russia, where they are well integrated into general society.[1] They are also the most numerous group of Ukrainian Roma. Servitka Romani dialect belongs to Ukrainian Group of Romani dialects as classified by L. N. Cherenkov [ru]. Most of Servitka Roma speak poor Romani and use many Ukrainian and Russian words.[2]

Servitka Roma are Orthodox Christians. Their traditional occupations are smithing and fortune-telling. In the 19th century many young Servitka Roma also served in Cossack armies.[3][4]

Presently, Servitka Roma are one of the best-educated Romani groups.[1] They are known as excellent performers of Ruska Romani music and are often incorrectly considered to be Ruska Roma.[1]

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