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Shasta College
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TypeCommunity college
PresidentJoe Wyse[1]
Students8,598 (Fall 2013)[2][needs update?]
Location, ,
United States
ColorsGreen, White & Gray             

Shasta College is a public community college in Redding, California. It was founded in 1950 and later moved to a much larger campus while the original campus became the new location of Shasta High School.

Shasta College has approximately 8,865 students of all ages,[3] including traditional college students, concurrently-enrolled high school students, older, re-entry students, and continuing education students who are simply taking classes for fun. The college has a wide variety of transfer-level and pre-transfer-level classes and programs as well as vocational programs. Many recent high school graduates attend the college in order to transfer to universities after two years. Though many students commute to the college from their homes, the college is one of the few California Community Colleges with a dormitory. Shasta College has a strong athletic program offering numerous sports programs. The school mascot is a Knight.

Shasta College is perhaps best known for its music department, which includes a symphony orchestra, band, choir, music theory, piano, and guitar classes. It is home to a community band that with over 100 members is one of the largest in the United States.

On August 20, 2007, Shasta College opened its doors to the new Health, Sciences & University Center in Downtown Redding. It is a subsidiary of CSU Chico,[4] the Oregon Institute of Technology, and Southern Oregon University.

Student government

The students of Shasta College have established a student body association named Shasta College Student Senate. The association is required by law to "encourage students to participate in the governance of the college".[5]

The Student Senate periodically participates in meetings sponsored by a statewide community college student organization named Student Senate for California Community Colleges. The statewide Student Senate is authorized by law "to advocate before the Legislature and other state and local governmental entities".[6]

Notable alumni and faculty


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