Sierra Madera crater

Sierra Madera Crater
Kluft-photo-Sierra-Madera-Texas-July-2007-Img 9734.jpg
Sierra Madera viewed from US Hwy 385
Impact crater/structure
Diameter8 mi (13 km)
Age100 million years
LocationPecos County, West Texas
Coordinates30°36′N 102°55′W / 30.600°N 102.917°W / 30.600; -102.917Coordinates: 30°36′N 102°55′W / 30.600°N 102.917°W / 30.600; -102.917[2]
CountryUnited States
Sierra Madera is located in Texas
Sierra Madera
Sierra Madera
Sierra Madera in Texas
Topo mapSierra Madera
Air photo of central peak complex

Sierra Madera crater is a meteorite crater (astrobleme) in southwestern Pecos County, Texas, United States.[1] The central peak of the rebound structure of the impact crater rises 793 ft (242 m) above the surrounding land.[3] The peak is visible from U.S. Highway 385 between Fort Stockton, Texas and Marathon, Texas. The Sierra Madera crater is located on private property on the La Escalera Ranch.

It is 13 km (8 mi) in diameter and the age is estimated to be less than 100 million years (Cretaceous or younger).[1]

Apollo 17's Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt did some of their geologic training here.[4]

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