Sifo is a Swedish company (previously known as Sifo Research International) operating in the field of opinion and social research. The company was founded in 1954 as Svenska institutet för opinionsundersökningar ("the Swedish Institute for Opinion Surveys") and known by the public under the abbreviation Sifo, which is one of the strongest brands in Sweden. It is now a subsidiary of TNS Global which is part of the WPP Group plc. TNS Sifo has its headquarters in Stockholm.

Since 1967, Sifo has published its public opinion poll "Voter monitor" (Swedish: Väljarbarometern) which analyses the party allegiances of Swedish voters. Sifo is also known for one of the largest media surveys in the world – ORVESTO Konsument, for which almost 50 thousand people (out of total of 9 million citizens) are interviewed every year about their media and consumption patterns.

Sifo Research International merged with TNS Gallup during 2009. According to TNS Sifo's Swedish website, the merger is part of a larger reorganisation within the Kantar Group (which in turn is owned by WPP). The global brand will be TNS, but local brands such as Research International and SIFO will be used in various countries. In Sweden, the Sifo brand is very strong and the official name of the company in Sweden will therefore be TNS Sifo AB. TNS Sifo is the largest market research company in Sweden.

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