Silvia Costa (athlete)

Silvia Costa
Personal information
Full nameSilvia Costa Acosta-Martínez
BornMay 4, 1964 (1964-05-04) (age 56)
La Palma, Pinar del Río Province, Cuba

Silvia Costa Acosta-Martínez (born May 4, 1964 in La Palma, Pinar del Río Province) is a former high jumper from Cuba.


She is most known for winning medals at the 1985 IAAF World Indoor Championships and the 1993 World Championships in Athletics. She also has three medals from the Summer Universiade. Her personal best jump (set in 1989) is 2.04 m (6 ft 814 in), which makes her a member of the female two metres club and puts her ninth in the all-time performers list. She is also a three-time silver medallist at the Pan American Games.

Costa is married to Spanish citizen José Sanleandro.

International competitions

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing  Cuba
1978 Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships (U-17) Xalapa, Mexico 1st High jump 1.60m A
5th Long jump 4.99m A
2nd 100 m hurdles 15.76s A
Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships (U-20) Xalapa, Mexico 2nd 4x100 m relay 48.02s A
1983 Universiade Edmonton, Canada 2nd High jump 1.98 m
World Championships Helsinki, Finland 10th High jump 1.84 m
Pan American Games Caracas, Venezuela 2nd High jump 1.88 m
1985 World Indoor Games Paris, France 3rd High jump 1.90 m
Universiade Kobe, Japan 1st High jump 2.01 m
1986 Ibero-American Championships Havana, Cuba 1st High jump 1.84 m
1987 Pan American Games Indianapolis, United States 2nd High jump 1.92 m
World Championships Rome, Italy 4th High jump 1.96 m
1988 Ibero-American Championships Mexico City, Mexico 1st High jump 1.97 m A
1989 Universiade Duisburg, Germany 2nd High jump 1.91 m
World Cup Barcelona, Spain 1st High jump 2.04 m
1992 Ibero-American Championships Seville, Spain 2nd High jump 1.93 m
1992 Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain 6th High jump 1.94 m
1993 World Indoor Championships Toronto, Canada 7th high jump 1.94 m
World Championships Stuttgart, Germany 2nd High jump 1.97 m
1995 Pan American Games Mar del Plata, Argentina 2nd High jump 1.91 m
World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 24th (q) High jump 1.85 m

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