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Simon Gillespie
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Simon Rollo Gillespie

(1955-05-26) 26 May 1955 (age 64)
OccupationArt Restorer, Art Historian
Years active1978–present
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Simon Rollo Gillespie (born 26 May 1955) is a British art restorer and art historian known particularly for his work with Early British and Tudor portraits, he began restoring in 1978. He appears frequently in the BBC1 art programme, "Fake or Fortune" and BBC Four series "Britain's Lost Masterpieces".

Life and Work

Gillespie was educated at Milton Abbey School and after an apprenticeship for Cabinet Maker Martin Dodgsen and a spell as a viticulturalist in Germany, in 1975 he began his business of restoring and exporting vintage cars, moving onto restoring antiques and early English furniture. After a three-year break travelling to Mexico and founding an English language school, Gillespie returned to the UK and began an apprenticeship in restoration and conservation of fine art paintings. During this time, he completed a chemistry course related to conservation.

In 1982, Gillespie founded his own restoration studio, Simon Gillespie Ltd.[1]

Recently Simon has worked alongside Bendor Grosvenor, Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce. He has been involved in revealing lost masterpieces by Van Dyck including Magistrate of Brussels,[2] and has worked on some recent discoveries of paintings that belonged to Henry VIII.[3]


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Personal life

Simon married Cristina Rule in 1970 and they had 3 sons. In 2014 Simon married Phillipa Found.



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