South Russian Government

South Russian Government

Южнорусское Правительство
Južnorusskoe Pravitel'stvo
Flag of South Russia
Coat of arms of South Russia
Coat of arms
Юг россии.PNG
Common languagesRussian
GovernmentMilitary government
Head of government 
• 1920
Anton Denikin
Historical eraRussian Civil War

Mar–Apr 1919

June 1919
• South Russian Government established
March 1920
• South Russian Government dissolved
March 1920
• Government of South Russia established
April 1920
Preceded by Succeeded by
General Command of the Armed Forces of South Russia
Government of South Russia
Today part of Ukraine
 Russian Federation

The South Russian Government (Russian: Южнорусское Правительство[1]) was a Russian White movement government established by Armed Forces of South Russia commander Anton Denikin in Novorossiysk, Kuban, in March 1920 during the Russian Civil War.

On 27 March 1920, Denikin was forced to evacuate Novorossiysk for Crimea, which the Whites had controlled since June 1919. However, the slipshod retreat discredited Denikin and he stepped down, succeeded by General Pyotr Wrangel, who was elected new Commander-in-Chief of the White Army by military council. The South Russian Government was dissolved on 30 March in Feodosiya.[1] Wrangel set up a new Government of South Russia in Sevastopol in April.

This attempted establishment of civil government by the White authorities was a recognition that previous neglect of civil administration by the General Command of the Armed Forces of South Russia had cost the Whites civilian support.[citation needed]

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