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Southern Bessarabia
Basarabia de Sud
Territory of Moldavia (1856–1859), United Principalities/Romanian United Principalities/Romania (1859–1878)
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 • TypeCivil administration
Historical era19th Century
• Treaty of Paris (1856)
30 March 1856
• Union of Moldavia and Wallachia (United Principalities)
24 January 1859 (O.S.) (5 February N.S.)
• Treaty of Berlin (1878)
13 July 1878
• Russian takeover
13–18 October 1878
Political subdivisionsCounties
Preceded by Succeeded by
Russian Empire
Russian Empire
Today part of Moldova

Southern Bessarabia or South Bessarabia is a territory of Bessarabia which, as a result of the Crimean War, was returned to the Moldavian Principality in 1856. As a result of the unification of the latter with Wallachia, these lands became part of Romania.

In 1878, despite the opposition of Romania, the Berlin Treaty, which followed the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878), transferred back this region to the Russian Empire (which reintegrated it into Bessarabia Governorate).

The transfer of the territory took place in October 1878. From 13 to 18 October, Russia took over Southern Bessarabia while the Romanian officials withdrew.[1]

Administrative divisions

The area of the region was 9,642 km2 (3,723 sq mi) and covered 3 counties:


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