Southern Region, Papua New Guinea

Southern Region
Papua New Guinea Papua Region.png
Coordinates: 7°55′S 145°50′E / 7.917°S 145.833°E / -7.917; 145.833Coordinates: 7°55′S 145°50′E / 7.917°S 145.833°E / -7.917; 145.833
Country Papua New Guinea
Largest cityPort Moresby
 • Total202,542 km2 (78,202 sq mi)
(2011 Census)[1]
 • Total1,456,250
 • Density7.2/km2 (19/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+10 (AEST)

Southern Region (formerly Papua Region) is one of four regions of Papua New Guinea. The region includes the national capital Port Moresby.


The Region is administratively divided into six provinces:[2]

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