Spanish people of Filipino ancestry

Spanish people of Filipino ancestry
Total population
115,362 [1] (Dual Spanish and Filipino nationality) - 40,000 (Filipino nationality only)
Regions with significant populations
Castilian Spanish, English, Tagalog and/or other Philippine languages
Mainly Roman Catholicism, some Protestantism and Islam
Related ethnic groups
Other Filipino people and Spanish people individually

There are many Spanish people of Filipino ancestry, consisting of the descendants of early migrants from the Philippines to Spain. The number of Filipinos with dual citizenship is of 115,362 as of 2007. There are also 40,000 expatriates from the Philippines living in Spain that do not hold Spanish citizenship.[2]


The first Filipino settlement in Spain dates back to the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines between the 16th and 19th century. Today, Filipinos are one of the largest Asian communities in Spain, with a number of individuals obtaining Spanish citizenship. Most Filipinos in Spain work in various jobs and companies such as domestic and healthcare services, some individuals also work in education and government institutions.[3][4] A few mixed-blood Spanish Filipinos work in the entertainment and sport industries[citation needed].

Notable Spanish people of Filipino descent

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