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Commune of Staouéli
Sidi Fredj resort
Sidi Fredj resort
Staouéli is located in Algeria
Location of Staouéli within Algeria
Coordinates: 36°45′N 2°53′E / 36.750°N 2.883°E / 36.750; 2.883Coordinates: 36°45′N 2°53′E / 36.750°N 2.883°E / 36.750; 2.883
Country Algeria
 • PMA Seats11
 • PMA presidentSaïd Bouifer(2002-2007)
 • Total22.23 km2 (8.58 sq mi)
 • Total38,915
 • Density1,800/km2 (4,500/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
Postal code
ONS code1645

Staouéli is a municipality in Algiers province, Algeria. It is located in Zéralda district, on a Presque-isle on the Mediterranean Sea, hosting the resort town of Sidi Fredj. There was a Grand Prix circuit located in Staouéli. Grands Prix were held there from 1928–1930, but the circuit is no longer operational.[1]

In 1843 the Trappists obtained a grant of 2500 acres of land on the site of the Battle of Staouéli (fought on June 19, 1830 during the French conquest of Algeria). Here they have built a monastery where some 100 monks lived and worked. On the wall of the monastery is the inscription: S'il est triste de vivre à la Trappe, qu'il est doux d'y mourir (While it is sad to live here, it is sweet to die here).

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