Statistical regions of North Macedonia

Statistical regions of North Macedonia
North Macedonia, administrative divisions - en - monochrome.svg
CategoryUnitary state
LocationNorth Macedonia
Number8 statistical regions
Populations154,535 (Vardar) – 578,144 (Skopje)
GovernmentNational government

North Macedonia is divided into eight statistical regions.[1]


Region Macedonian name Population (2014) [2]
Eastern Источен регион 177,411
Northeastern Североисточен регион 176,174
Pelagonia Пелагониски регион 231,500
Polog Полошки регион 319,532
Skopje Скопски регион 617,646
Southeastern Југоисточен регион 173,572
Southwestern Југозападен регион 220,065
Vardar Вардарски регион 153,272

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