Stephanie D'Hose

Stephanie D'Hose (born 1 June 1981) is a Belgian politician who has been President of the Senate since October 2020.

Early life and education

D'Hose was born in Roeselare on 1 June 1981.[1] Her parents were self employed.[2] She has a Licentiate in political science from the University of Ghent.[3]


D'Hose has been a parliamentary assistant since 2009 and is Deputy Private Secretary to Sven Gatz.[3][2]

She has been a City Councillor in Ghent since 2013 and was elected to the Flemish Parliament in May 2019.[3][2]

D'Hose was appointed to the Belgian Federal Parliament for Open VLD in July 2019, and delegated to the Senate.[3] In the division of powers within the Alexander De Croo government, Open VLD was given the Senate presidency in October 2020, and D'Hose was nominated for the role. At, 39 she became the youngest person to hold the position.[4][5][6][7] Later that month she became seriously ill with a blood infection and was confined to bed. She tested negative for COVID-19.[8]

Personal life

D'Hose is a vegetarian. She lives with her partner Diederik Pauwelijn.[2]


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