Steve Liebmann

Steve Liebmann
Born (1944-05-04) 4 May 1944 (age 75)
  • Journalist
  • correspondent
  • television host
  • radio presenter
Years active1962−2010
EmployerIn retirement
Notable credit(s)
Eyewitness News
Ten Weekend News
Crime Investigation Australia
Di Liebmann (m. 1969)

Steve Liebmann (born 4 May 1944) is a retired Australian television anchor, journalist and radio broadcaster.

Liebmann is best known for co-hosting Today on the Nine Network between 1982 and 1986, and again from 1990 to 2005.


Born in Cooma, New South Wales, he attended Monaro High School. He became a journalist in Cooma on Radio 2XL while still in high school. He hosted "Teen Scene" from 5:30 pm to 6:00pm week daily playing the latest recordings. His sign off at the end of the show was "Yip yip yehodie, you're a little beauty". He moved to Canberra in 1962 and worked at 2CA, before moving to Sydney in 1967 to take up a position with Channel Seven's Sydney bureau as news editor and on-air presenter. The following year he became a senior journalist at Radio 2UE, and presented an afternoon news and public affairs program on the station which became the top show in its timeslot. He eventually became Director of News and Public Affairs at the station.

In 1976, he left to join 2SM in 1976, and also became the host of Seven's 11AM program and anchored the station's Sydney evening news. He hosted the Willesee program on several occasions and wrote articles for The Bulletin and Men In Vogue.

In late 1981 he joined the Nine Network as the original co-host of the national Today alongside Sue Kellaway, staying with that program until 1987, when he joined the Ten Network to anchor TEN-10 Sydney's Eyewitness News alongside Geraldine Doogue.

He rejoined Today in 1990 and remained at the Nine Network presenting the program across Australia five days a week until February 2005. He cited a mild heart attack and health as the reason for his retirement from the show at age 61.[1] Steve was replaced by National Nine News US Correspondent Karl Stefanovic.

Liebmann expressed disappointment to an AAP journalist on the program's content and format under its new management, saying it had become a "poor imitation" of its Seven Network rival, Sunrise.[2]

In 2002–2003, Liebmann appeared on television advertisements for a counter-terrorism advertising campaign on behalf of the Federal Government.[3] He presented Ten Weekend News bulletin in Sydney during 2006, and more recently has hosted Foxtel's Crime Investigation Australia show focusing on infamous Australian crimes.

He also has a contract with 2UE and does some corporate work and public speaking.

In December 2009, Liebmann replaced Steve Price as Morning Show host on 2UE.[4] In November 2010, Liebmann resigned from 2UE.[5]


He is the recipient of several journalistic awards, including the "News Presenter of the Year" from the Australian Commercial Radio Industry and the Penguin Award- for Special Recognition for Contribution to News.


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