Studium Biblicum Franciscanum

Studium Biblicum Franciscanum is a Franciscan academic society based in Jerusalem. It is a center of biblical and archaeological research and studies.


Founded in 1924, the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum is since 2001 the faculty for Biblical Sciences and Archaeology of the Pontifical University Antonianum, the Franciscan university in Rome. Its main seat is the Flagellation Monastery in the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem.

It has a branch in Hong Kong, founded in Beijing in 1945 by Blessed Gabriele Allegra, which produced the first complete translation of the Catholic Bible in Chinese in 1968 after a 40-year effort. The Studium Biblicum Translation is often considered the Chinese Bible among Catholics.


The SBF publishes a number of scientific publications: the theological-archaeological journal Liber Annuus ISSN 0081-8933 with scientific articles in different languages,[1] and the series "Collectio Maior", "Collectio Minor", "Analecta" and "Museum".[2]

Research and Studies

The SBF offers two academic degrees, the Licentiate and the Doctorate in Biblical Sciences and Archaeology, a diploma in biblical-oriental sciences, a biblical diploma, and a philosophical-theological curriculum in the "Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum“. The language of teaching is Italian.

Fields of study and research are Old and New Testament exegesis, biblical and Christian history, biblical and Middle Eastern languages, and biblical archaeology with several excavations conducted by the SBF. The main discoveries are exhibited in a museum, including the oldest Georgian Bir el Qutt inscriptions.

The library contains appr. 50.000 volumes and 420 journals in the areas of archaeology, biblical studies, Christian and Jewish history, and ancient travel accounts of the Holy Land.[3]


Teaching staff[4]

  • Eugenio Alliata OFM, archaeology and excursions
  • Piotr Blajer OFM, Biblical Greek and New Testament exegesis
  • Alessandro Cavicchia OFM, New Testament exegesis
  • Alessandro Coniglio OFM, Old Testament exegesis
  • Gregor Geiger OFM, semitic languages
  • Najib Ibrahim OFM, New Testament exegesis
  • Giovanni Loche OFM, archaeology and biblical history
  • Massimo Luca OFM, excursions and introduction into the New Testament
  • Matteo Munari OFM, New Testament exegesis and Biblical Aramaic
  • Massimo Pazzini OFM, Biblical Hebrew und Syriac
  • Rosario Pierri OFM, dean of the faculty, Biblical Greek
  • Tomislav Vuk OFM, Biblical-oriental philology, introduction and textual criticism of the Old Testament

Retired Professors

  • Giovanni Bissoli OFM
  • Giovanni Claudio Bottini OFM
  • Alfio Marcello Buscemi OFM
  • Stanislao Loffreda OFM
  • Frédéric Manns OFM
  • Alviero Niccacci OFM

Prominent Professors of the past

  • Maurus Witzel OFM (1882–1969)
  • Donato Baldi OFM (1888–1965)
  • Gaudenzio Orfali OFM (1889–1926)
  • Sylvester Saller OFM (1895–1976)
  • Paulin Lemaire OFM (1896–1963)
  • Bellarmino Bagatti OFM (1905–1990)
  • Gabriele Allegra OFM (1907–1976)
  • Virgilio Corbo OFM (1918–1991)
  • Augustus Spijkerman OFM (1920–1973)
  • Emanuele Testa OFM (1923–2011)
  • Angelo Francesco Lancellotti OFM (1927–1984)
  • Virginio Ravanelli OFM (1927-2014)
  • Lino Cignelli OFM (1931–2010)
  • Michele Piccirillo OFM (1944-2008)
  • Pietro Kaswalder OFM (1952-2014)
  • Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa OFM (1965-)


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