Sub-regions of Finland

Finland is divided into 70 sub-regional units[1] (Finnish: seutukunta, Swedish: ekonomisk region). The sub-regions are formed by groups of municipalities within the 19 regions of Finland. The sub-regions represent a LAU 1 level of division used in conjunction with the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics.

Sub-regions grouped by regions

Regions of Finland

Lapland (1)

North Ostrobothnia (2)

Kainuu (3)

North Karelia (4)

Pohjois-Savo or North Savo (5)

Etelä-Savo (6)

South Ostrobothnia (7)

Ostrobothnia (8)

Pirkanmaa (9)

Former sub-regions

Satakunta (10)

Central Ostrobothnia (11)

Central Finland (12)

Southwest Finland (13)

South Karelia (14)

Päijät-Häme (15)

Former sub-regions

Kanta-Häme (16)

Uusimaa (17 and 18)

Former sub-regions

Kymenlaakso (19)

Åland (20)

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