Supreme Security Council

The Presidential Palace is the meeting place of the CSS.

The Supreme Security Council (Moldovan: Consiliul Suprem de Securitate, CSS) is an advisory body to the President of Moldova (concurrently the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Moldovan Armed Forces) which aides and assists the President in the implementation of military policy and national security decisions.[1][2] Its authority is vested in the Constitution of Moldova. The President is one of many permanent members of the council and chairs all of its meetings. Other permanent members of the council since October 2009[3] have included the following:[4][5]

Whenever the new composition of the CSS is officiated, the president signs a decree to appoint them as council members. Other non-permanent members such as parliamentary faction leaders and intellectuals are also invited to attend.[6] The composition was most recently changed in June 2019 by President Igor Dodon following the constitutional crisis that occurred.[7][8]

In wartime, the CSS is renamed to the Supreme Council on Defense, to which the president chairs the council in his position as Supreme Commander-in-Chief.[9]

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