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Arabs in the Netherlands
العرب في هولندا
Total population
Moroccans 380,755 (2015)

Iraqis 55,236 (2015)
Egyptians 22,700 (2015)
Syrians 22,568 (2015)
Tunisians 9,243 (2015)
Algerians 8,064 (2015)
Lebanese 5,592 (2015)
Saudis 2,198 (2015)
Kuwaitis 1,759 (2015)

Jordanians 1,627 (2015)[1]
Regions with significant populations
predominantly Randstad (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague)
Arabic language
Dutch language
Mainly Islam and minority Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Arabs, Arab diaspora

Arab Dutch (Arabische Nederlanders), also referred to as Dutch Arabs (Nederlandse Arabieren), are citizens or residents of the Netherlands whose ancestry traces back to the Arab World. Many of them might not actually be ethnically Arab due to the general confusion between the meaning of Arab and other ethnic groups coming from the same area (such as the case of Kurds, Berbers, Turks, Assyrians, Roma, etc.); therefore, the exact number of the actual Arab population in the Netherlands may be greatly biased and incorrect.


In 2001, two Arab immigrants to the Netherlands, Egyptian-born Farouk Ibrahim (58) and Moroccan-born Mustafa Aboustib, set up the Arab Democratic Party (Arabische Democratische Partij), complaining that Arabs were not well represented in mainstream political parties except as "pretty Arab faces".[2] In 2007, a group of Arab Dutch have complained about the television network Al Jazeera's effective monopoly on Arabic broadcasting in the country.[3]

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