Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport

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Opérateur de transport de Wallonie
Transport en Commun logo.svg
Arlon TEC Namur Luxembourg Jonckheere Transit 2000 n°4473 L25 Arlon Gare SNCB (2).JPG
ParentGovernment of Wallonia
HeadquartersAv. Gouverneur Bovesse, 96
5100 Jambes
Service areaWallonia
Service typebus service, tram, Metro, demand responsive transport
Website(in English) www.letec.be
Regions of Belgium
Brussels-Capital (blue)
Wallonia (red)
Flanders (yellow)

Opérateur de transport de Wallonie (OTW) (Transport Operator of Wallonia), formerly Société régionale wallonne du transport (SRWT) (Walloon Regional Transport Company), is responsible for the supervision, strategic planning and marketing of a group of five regional public transport directorate branded as TEC or "Transport En Commun" (Public Transport) in Wallonia, Belgium. It is primarily a bus operator, but also operates the Charleroi tram system. TEC buses and trams are distinctively painted yellow and red.

TEC was founded in 1991 through the breakup of the former Belgian SNCV into separate companies for Wallonia and Flanders.

TEC sells the MOBIB smartcard branded "TEC it easy" and runs a chain of shops called Espace TEC.


In 2019, Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport (SRWT) became Opérateur de transport de Wallonie (OTW).

TEC directorate

  • TEC Walloon Brabant
  • TEC Charleroi
  • TEC Hainaut
  • TEC Liège-Verviers
  • TEC Namur-Luxembourg

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