Technical University of Moldova

Technical University of Moldova
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TypePublic university
ChancellorViorel Bostan
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The Technical University of Moldova (Romanian: Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei) is a higher technical educational institution located in Chişinău, Moldova, and is the only such institute in the country to be accredited by the state.


The Technical University of Moldova was founded in 1964, under the name "The Polytechnic Institute of Chişinău," as a center for engineering and economic specialties from the Moldova State University.

The university had begun with 5140 students and 278 teachers within 5 faculties: Electrotechnics, Mechanics, Technology, Construction and Economy. Since 1964, the university has grown extensively, producing 66,000 specialists and becoming an important educational, scientific and cultural center.


The university offers courses in about 80 specialties and specialisations, within the following 10 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Energetics
  2. Faculty of Engineering and Management in Mechanics
  3. Faculty of Engineering and Management in Machine Building
  4. Faculty of Engineering and Management in Electronics and Telecommunications (Before Electro-Physics faculty)
  5. Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics (Before Electro-Physics faculty)
  6. Faculty of Technology and Management in Food Industry
  7. Faculty of Light Industry
  8. Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture
  9. Faculty of Cadastre, Geodesy and Construction
  10. Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business

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