Telephone numbers in Algeria

Algeria telephone numbers
NSN length8 digits (Fixed) or 9 digits (Mobile)
Typical format0 YY XX XX XX (Fixed) 0 Y XX XX XX XX (Mobile)
Access codes
Country calling code+213
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0
List of Algeria dialing codes

Calling formats

To call in Algeria, the following format is used:

0 THE-AREA-CODE xx xx xx Calls within an area code 'The area code is a 2 digits number ex: 21,41,46'

021 xx xx xx Calls to Algiers from other area codes

+213 yy xx xx xx Calls from outside Algeria 'yy is the area code'

To call a mobile phone in Algeria; use this format:

+213 Y xx xx xx xx calls from outside Algeria Y is the Operator code; 5 for ooredoo ,6 for Mobilis, 7 for Djezzy

0 Y xx xx xx xx To call any mobile phone number from Algeria

List of area codes in Algeria

Area/City Area Code
Adrar 49
Chlef 27
Laghouat 29
Oum El Bouaghi 32
Batna 33
Bejaia 34
Biskra 33
Bechar 49
Blida 25
Bouira 26
Tamanrasset 29
Tebessa 37
Tlemcen 43
Tiaret 46
Tizi Ouzou 26
Algiers 21, 23
Djelfa 27
Jijel 34
Setif 36
Saida 48
Skikda 39
Sidi Bel Abbes 48
Annaba 38
Guelma 37
Constantine 31
Medea 25
Mostaganem 45
M'Sila 35
Mascara 45
Ouargla 29
Oran 41
Elbayad 49
Illizi 29
Bordj Bou Arreridj 35
Boumerdes 24
El Tarf 38
Tindouf 49
Tissemsilt 46
El Oued 32
Khenchla 32
Souk Ahras 37
Tipaza 24
Mila 31
Ain Defla 27
Naama 49
Ain Temouchent 43
Ghardaia 29
Relizane 46


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