Telephone numbers in Andorra

Andorra telephone numbers
Location Andorra Europe.png
Location of Andorra
NSN length6
Access codes
Country calling code+376
International call prefix00
Trunk prefixnone

Telephone numbers in Andorra are six digits, with fixed line numbers beginning with the digits 8 and 7 and mobile telephone numbers with the digits 3, 4 and 6.

Until 1994, Andorra formed part of the French numbering plan, with the prefix 628 being used for calls from France[1] (or 16 628 from Paris)[2] while +33 628 was used from the rest of the world.[3] Access was also possible via the Spanish numbering plan using the area code 9738, or the international prefix +34 738.[2] On 17 December of that year, Andorra adopted its own country code, +376.[4] This meant that all international calls to the Principality, including those from France and Spain, required the use of the +376 country code.[5]


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