Telephone numbers in Bahrain

Bahrain telephone numbers
RegulatorTelecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain
NSN length8 (usually)
Access codes
Country calling code+973
International call prefix00
Trunk prefixn/a

The Bahrain Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)[1] is a governmental institution which regularly updates and publishes reports on the country's national numbering plan. The reports include all the number blocks[2] used in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Telephone numbers in Bahrain are generally eight digits long with the exception of short codes which have fewer digits. Majority of the fixed land line numbers start with 1. Cellular (Mobile) phone numbers and pager numbers start with 3* or 663* or 669* depending on the service provider.

There is no area code in Bahrain, however the two digit numbers after the land line prefixes represent different cities or regions in Bahrain.

Batelco[3] is the main service provider for land lines. Mobile users commonly subscribe to Batelco, Zain[4] or Viva.[5]

Range Type Service provider [6]
133 Land line Etisalcom [7]
1344 Land line Rawabi
1350 Land line Elephant Talk
136 Land line Zain [4]
1600-1603, 1606-1607 Land line Neutel
1610, 1616, 1619 Land line Kalam[8]
16171 Land line Viacloud
165 Land line 2Connect[9]
166 Land line Lightspeed[10]
17 Land line Batelco[3]
31 Mobile Royal Court
322, 383, 384, 388, 39 Mobile Batelco
33, 340, 341, 343-345 Mobile Viva[5]
36, 377 Mobile Zain
6111 Universal Kulacom
6160 Universal Kalam
6500 Universal Viacloud
6600, 6688 Universal Rawabi
663, 666, 669 Universal Zain
6966-6969, 6996, 6999 Universal Rapid
7178 Universal Viva
77 Universal Menatelecom

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