Telephone numbers in Chile

Chile telephone numbers
ContinentSouth America
NSN length9
Access codes
Country calling code+56
International call prefix1xx0
Trunk prefixnone

The following telephone numbers in Chile are geographic area codes for all national and international calls terminating in Chile.

Geographic area codes

No geographic area codes exist in Chile; all calls within Chile are considered local calls. All numbers contain 9 digits and there is no difference among land-line, mobile and VoIP

Transition to area code deprecation

In 2012 and 2013, land lines were renumbered, with an additional digit 2 prepended.[1] The change was rolled out gradually by area code; first in Santiago (Region Metropolitana) and Arica in late 2012, then throughout all remaining regions between March and July 2013.

During that transitional period, when calling a landline, area code and an extra 2 were added at the beginning of the number, or between the area code and number. E.g. a formerly seven digit Santiago number (02) XXX XXXX became 22X XXX XXX, and a formerly six digit Punta Arenas number (061) YYY YYY became 612 YYY YYY.

The process was completed in September 2016.

Total number portability

Total number portability exists in Chile,[2] so users can freely move from one service provider to another without losing their number, regardless of connection technology, whether land-line, mobile or VoIP. Therefore, a number beginning with "8" or "9" no longer denotes that it is a mobile phone number.

Special services

There is a group of special numbers for public services, and they are in the format 1XY. The most important ones are:

  • 130 Forest fires (Incendios forestales)
  • 131 Ambulance (SAMU)
  • 132 Firefighters (Bomberos)
  • 133 Police Emergency (Emergencias Policiales)
  • 134 Investigaciones
  • 135 Drugs hot line (Fono drogas)[3]
  • 136 Mountain Rescue (Cuerpo de Socorro Andino)
  • 137 Sea Rescue (Rescate Marítimo de la Armada)
  • 139 Police Information (Informaciones Policiales)
  • 147 Child abuse (Fono niños)
  • 149 Family Violence (Fono familia)

Long-distance carriers

In Chile it is necessary to choose the carrier for international long-distance calls every time and therefore to obtain the best rate for any destination. Long-distance carriers have a prefix that must be dialed when calling long distance: XXX + 0 + country code + area + phone

The current carrier codes are:[4]

  • 110 Claro Chile
  • 111 VTR Chile
  • 112 Convergia Chile
  • 113 Transam
  • 114 E-Newcarrier.com Chile
  • 115 Empresa de Telecomunicaciones Netonone
  • 116 Heilsberg
  • 119 Concert Chile
  • 120 Globus
  • 121 Telefónica del Sur
  • 122 Gtd Manquehue
  • 123 Entel Larga Distancia
  • 124 GSP Chile
  • 125 Equant Chile
  • 127 Sur Telecomunicaciones
  • 151 Astro
  • 153 STEL-CHILE S.A
  • 154 MiCarrier Telecomunicaciones
  • 155 Claro Chile
  • 158 Fibersat
  • 169 Carrier 169
  • 170 Impsat Chile
  • 170 Global Crossing
  • 171 Claro Chile
  • 176 NetChile
  • 177 Empresa de Transporte de Señales
  • 180 Hogar de Cristo
  • 181 Movistar
  • 188 Telefónica CTC

Mobile phone numbers

There is no difference between mobile phone numbers and land-line or VoIP. Total number portability and the nonexistence of area codes make mobile phone numbers no different than other technology's numbers.

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