Telephone numbers in Cuba

Cuba telephone numbers
Continentthe Americas
Access codes
Country calling code+53
International call prefix011
Trunk prefix0

Telephone numbers in Cuba all have the same format, consisting of the country code (53), followed by an area code.

Phone numbers in Cuba have up to eight digits. The first one to two are the area code, the remaining digits are the subscriber number.

Calls between different area codes are prefixed with the trunk prefix 0, followed by the area code.

The international call prefix is 011.

The mobile numbers format is 5xxx xxxx.

List of area codes in Cuba

Area Code Province/City
21 Guantánamo Province
22 Santiago de Cuba Province
23 Granma Province
24 Holguín Province
31 Las Tunas Province
32 Camagüey Province
32 Mamanantuabo
33 Ciego de Ávila Province
41 Sancti Spíritus Province
41 Cabaiguán
41 Trinidad
42 Villa Clara Province
42 Condado
42 El Pedrero
42 Santa Clara
42 Topes de Collantes
43 Cienfuegos Province
45 Matanzas Province
45 Cayo Largo del Sur
46 Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth)
47 Havana Province
47 Silvio Caro
48 Pinar del Río Province
5 Mobile phones (nationwide)
7 Havana City

The Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, operated by the United States Navy, has an unofficial area code of 99, which is only dialable from within the United States. Dialing 011 53 99 returns a second dial tone, after which the local number at the naval base can be dialed.[2]


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