Telephone numbers in Ecuador

Ecuador telephone numbers
ContinentSouth America
Access codes
Country calling code+593

The Numbering Plan as defined by the national regulator can be found in: Fundamental Numbering Plan.

Numbering Plan

Prefix X Type Description
1X XY/XYZ Subscriber short codes
700 "Smart" Universal Access Number / Shared Cost
800 "Smart" Freephone
900 "Smart" Information Services
2X 2 Geo Pichincha, Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas
3 Geo Tunguahua, Cotopaxi, Pastaza, Bolivar, Chimborazo
4 Geo Guayas, Peninsula de Santa Elena
5 Geo Manabi, Galapagos, Los Rios
6 Geo Carchi, Imbabura, Esmeraldas, Sucumbios, Napo, Orellana
7 Geo Azuay, Canar, Morona Santiago
8 Geo El Oro, Loja, Zamora
3X Res Reserved
4X Res Reserved
5X 1 Non-Geo Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)
2 Non-Geo Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)
3 Non-Geo Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)
4 Non-Geo Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)
5 Non-Geo Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)
6X Res Reserved
7X 1 Non-Geo Nomadic Services
2 Non-Geo Nomadic Services
3 Non-Geo Nomadic Services
6 Non-Geo M2M
7 Non-Geo M2M
8 Non-Geo M2M
9 Non-Geo M2M
8X Non-Geo Services and others
9X Non-Geo Mobile Networks

Special Numbers

  • International Dial-Out Prefix: 00
  • Fire brigade: 102
  • Police: 101
  • Ambulance: 911
  • Toll-free numbers: 1-700, 1-800


  • To call a local number from a landline-phone, dial directly the 7 digits of the subscriber (xxx-xxxx).
  • To make a national long-distance call, or from any mobile phone to a local or national number, dial (0a) xxx-xxxx (For example, to a number in Pichincha province, (02) 211-1111).
  • To call from outside the country to a landline, dial +593-a-xxx-xxxx (For example, to a number in Guayas province, +593-4-211-1111)
  • To call from outside the country to a mobile (cellular) phone, +593-9-????-???? (one more digit since 2013)


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