Telephone numbers in Egypt

Egypt telephone numbers
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RegulatorNational Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
Access codes
Country calling code+20
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0

The following are the telephone codes in Egypt.

Land lines

List of area codes
Area/City Code Example (local) Example (international) Area/City Code Example (local) Example (international)
Greater Cairo (Cairo, Giza, and part of Qalyubia) 2 02-xxxx-xxxx +20-2-xxxx-xxxx Alexandria 3 03-xxx-xxxx +20-3-xxx-xxxx
Arish 68 068-xxx-xxxx +20-68-xxx-xxxx Asyut 88 088-xxx-xxxx +20-88-xxx-xxxx
Aswan 97 097-xxx-xxxx +20-97-xxx-xxxx Benha 13 013-xxx-xxxx +20-13-xxx-xxxx
Beni Suef 82 082-xxx-xxxx +20-82-xxx-xxxx Damanhur 45 045-xxx-xxxx +20-45-xxx-xxxx
Damietta 57 057-xxx-xxxx +20-57-xxx-xxxx Faiyum 84 084-xxx-xxxx +20-84-xxx-xxxx
Ismailia 64 064-xxx-xxxx +20-64-xxx-xxxx Kafr El Sheikh 47 047-xxx-xxxx +20-47-xxx-xxxx
Luxor 95 095-xxx-xxxx +20-95-xxx-xxxx Marsa Matruh 46 046-xxx-xxxx +20-46-xxx-xxxx
Mansoura 50 050-xxx-xxxx +20-50-xxx-xxxx Minya 86 086-xxx-xxxx +20-86-xxx-xxxx
Monufia 48 048-xxx-xxxx +20-48-xxx-xxxx New Valley 92 092-xxx-xxxx +20-92-xxx-xxxx
Port Said 66 066-xxx-xxxx +20-66-xxx-xxxx Qena 96 096-xxx-xxxx +20-96-xxx-xxxx
Red Sea 65 065-xxx-xxxx +20-65-xxx-xxxx Sohag 93 093-xxx-xxxx +20-93-xxx-xxxx
Suez 62 062-xxx-xxxx +20-62-xxx-xxxx Tanta 40 040-xxx-xxxx +20-40-xxx-xxxx
El Tor 69 069-xxx-xxxx +20-69-xxx-xxxx Zagazig 55 055-xxx-xxxx +20-55-xxx-xxxx
10th of Ramadan 55 055-xxx-xxxx +20-55-xxx-xxxx Qalyubia 13 013-xxx-xxxx +20-13-xxx-xxxx

Mobile phone numbers

There are currently four mobile network operators in Egypt: Orange, Vodafone, Etisalat, and We (by Telecom Egypt).

Operator Code Example (local) Example (international)
Vodafone 10 010-xxxx-xxxx +20-10-xxxx-xxxx
Etisalat 11 011-xxxx-xxxx +20-11-xxxx-xxxx
Orange 12 012-xxxx-xxxx +20-12-xxxx-xxxx
We 15 015-xxxx-xxxx +20-15-xxxx-xxxx

List of other codes

Description Number format
Toll free 0800-xxx-xxxx
Premium services 09xx-xxxx
Free internet dial up 07xx-xxxx
Short numbers 16xxx, 17xxx, 19xxx

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