Telephone numbers in Eswatini

Eswatini telephone numbers
Access codes
Country calling code+268
International call prefix00

Eswatini, then known as Swaziland, was allocated the country code +268 by the International Telecommunication Union, in the late 1960s.[1] To call in Eswatini, the following format is used:

yy xx xxxx
calls within Eswatini
+268 yy xx xxxx
calls from outside Eswatini

List of allocations

List of allocations[2]
NDC (National Destination Code)
or leading digits of
NSN (National Significant Number)
NSN number length Usage of E.164 number
22 8 Geographic number Fixed line SPTC Shiselweni region
23 8 Geographic number Fixed line SPTC Lubombo region
24 8 Geographic number Fixed line SPTC Hhohho region
25 8 Geographic number Fixed line SPTC Manzini region
76 8 Non-geographic GSM MTN Eswatini -
77 8 Non-geographic CDMA SPTC -
78 8 Non-geographic Mobile GSM MTN Eswatini -

Fixed line numbers changed from seven digits to eight digits in February 2011 by adding a preceding digit '2'.[3] Mobile numbers begin with '7'.

List of prefixes in Eswatini

Area/City Prefix
Bhunya 2452 2453
Big Bend 2363 2364
Hlathikulu 2217
Hluthi 2227
Lobamba 2416
Ludzeludze 2548
Mahamba 2237
Mahwalala 2472
Malkerns 2528
Mankayane 2538
Manzini 2505 2506
Maphiveni 2373
Matsapha 2517 2518
Mbabane 2404 2405 2406
Mhlambanyatsi 2467
Mhlume 2312 2313
Mpaka 2333
Ngwenya 2442
Nhlangano 2207
Nsoko 2303
Pigg's Peak 2437
Sidwashini 2422
Simunye 2382 2383
Siphocosini 2482
Siphofaneni 2344
Siteki 2343
Tshaneni 2322 2323

Calls to and from neighbouring countries

Until the 1990s, Swaziland was integrated into the South African telephone numbering plan; calls from South Africa to Swaziland were made using the code 0194.[4] Calls to South Africa from Swaziland, however, required the use of the regional code 07.[5] Calls to Lesotho were similarly made using the regional code 05 while those to Mozambique were made using the code 06.[6]


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