Telephone numbers in Greenland

Country Code: +299
International Call Prefix: 00

Calling formats

To call in Greenland, the following format is used:

yy xx xx Calls inside Greenland

+299 yy xx xx Calls from outside Greenland

00 International Direct Dialing code

List of area codes in Greenland

Mobile phone numbers are allocated numbers 21 xxxx – 29 xxxx, 42 xxxx – 49 xxxx and 51 xxxx – 59 xxxx. Landline numbers start with (Nuuk), 6 (South Greenland), 8 (West) or 9 (North and East).

Area Code Area/City
31 XX XX Nuuk
32 XX XX Nuuk
33 XX XX Nuuk
34 XX XX Nuuk
35 XX XX Nuuk
36 XX XX Nuuk
37 XX XX Nuuk
61 XX XX Nanortalik
64 XX XX Qaqortoq
66 XX XX Narsaq
68 XX XX Paamiut
69 1X XX Ivittuut
81 XX XX Maniitsoq
84 XX XX Kangerlussuaq
85 XX XX Sisimiut
86 XX XX Sisimiut
87 XX XX Kangaatsiaq
89 XX XX Aasiaat
91 XX XX Qasigiannguit
92 XX XX Qeqertarsuaq
94 XX XX Ilulissat
95 XX XX Uummannaq
96 XX XX Upernavik
97 XX XX Qaanaaq
98 XX XX Tasiilaq
99 XX XX Ittoqqortoormiit


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