Telephone numbers in Iraq

Iraq telephone numbers
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Access codes
Country calling code+964
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0

Iraq area codes can be 1 or 2 digits (not counting the trunk prefix 0) and the subscriber numbers are usually 6 digits. In Baghdad and some other governorates, they are 7 digits. The mobile numbers have 10 digits, beginning with the 3-digit code of each operator followed by 7 digits.

Dialing procedure

A call from outside Iraq would have the following dialing format when calling a:

  • Landline telephone:
International call prefix Country Code Area code Subscriber number
00 or 011 in place of + 964 (Area Code) (Telephone Number)
  • Mobile telephone:
Example: + 9647518728458
International call prefix Country Code Operator Code Subscriber Number
00 or 011 in place of + 964 7xx 123 4567

List of Area Codes in the Iraq

Area/City Area Code Area/City Area Code
Baghdad 1 Salah ad Din (Tikrit) 21
Erbil (Hêwler,Iraq) 66 Dohuk 62
Wasit (Al Kut) 23 Anbar (Ramadi) 24
Diyala (Baquba) 25 Babil (Hilla) 30
Karbala 32 Najaf 33
Al-Qādisiyyah (Diwaniya) 36 Al Muthanna (Samawa) 37
Basrah 40 Dhi Qar (Nasiriya) 42
Maysan (Amarah) 43 Kirkuk 50
Sulaimaniya 53 Ninawa (Mosul) 60

List of Mobile Phones Codes in Iraq

079x xxx xxxx Cell phones Zain Iraq, (formerly Iraqna)

078x xxx xxxx Cell phones Zain Iraq, (formerly MTC Atheer)

077x xxx xxxx Cell phones AsiaCell

076x xxx xxxx Cell phones Mobitel (Iraq-Kurdistan) and Moutiny

075x xxx xxxx Cell phones Korek Telecom

074x xxx xxxx Cell phones Itisaluna and Kalemat

073x xxx xxxx Cell phones Korek Telecom (formerly SanaTel)


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