Telephone numbers in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan telephone numbers
Kazakhstan (orthographic projection).svg
Location of Kazakhstan
RegulatorMinistry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan
NSN length10
Typical format(xxx) xxx xx xx
(xxxx) xx xx xx
(xxxxx) x xx xx
Access codes
Country calling code+7 -7
International call prefix008, 009, 010
Trunk prefix008
List of Kazakhstan dialing codes

Telephone numbers in Kazakhstan are under a unified numbering plan with Russia with the country calling code +7. Historically, +7 was used as the Soviet Union country calling code. Following the break-up of the Soviet Union, all former republics except Russia and Kazakhstan switched to new country codes.

As in Russia, Kazakhstan employs a four-level (local, zone, country, international) open dialing plan. A national number consists of ten digits:

  • zone code consists of the leading three digits
  • area code consists of the following one or two digits
  • subscribers number consists of the last six or five digits, depending on the length of the area code.

The international dialing prefix is "8~10" - callers dial '8', wait for a tone, and then dial '10', followed by the country code, area code and number. The long distance dialing prefix is "8" - callers dial '8', wait for a tone, and then dial the area code and number.

Under an agreement with Russia on 11 June 2006, Kazakhstan is assigned zone codes 6xx and 7xx (x = 0 to 9) under the unified plan. Land lines are in geographic zone codes from 710 to 729, mobiles are in zone codes 70x and 77x, and other services are in 75x and 76x.[1] Previously, land lines used zone codes in the 3xx range. As zone codes 3xx are assigned to Russia, zone codes 3xx in Kazakhstan were changed by substituting the leading '3' with '7' in summer of 2007.


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