Telephone numbers in Laos

Laos telephone numbers
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Typical format'number and character'
Access codes
Country calling code+856
International call prefix11
Trunk prefix2
List of Laos dialing codes


  • Calling within Vientiane with landline to number 021-123456 dial: 123456
  • Calling to Vientiane to Champasak number 041-123456 dial: 041-123456 (with extra fee for calling to other provinces)
  • Calling to Vientiane landline from mobile phone to number 021-123456 dial: 021-123456
  • Calling to mobile phones by any types of phone to number 020-12345678 dial: 020-12345678
  • Calling from any countries to  Laos number 021-123456 dial: +856-21-123456
  • Calling from  Laos to  United States number 1-222-333-4444 dial: 00-1-222-333-4444

Area code

Code Administrative division
020 Mobile SIM (All Carrier In Laos) Lao Telecom: 020 5xxxxxxx,

ETL Co. Ltd: 020 2xxxxxxx, T-Plus Lao: 020 7xxxxxxx,

Unitel Lao: 020 9xxxxxxx

021 Vientiane Prefecture
023 Vientiane & Xaisomboun
030 Prepaid & Wireless Portable Phone (All Carrier In Laos)

Lao: ໂທລະສັບຕັ້ງໂຕະບໍ່ມີສາຍແບບເຕີມເງິນ

Lao Telecom: 030 5xxxxxx,

ETL Co. Ltd: 030 2xxxxxx, T-Plus Lao: 030 7xxxxxx,

Unitel Lao: 030 9xxxxxx ; 030 4xxxxxx

031 Champasak
034 Salavan
036 Attapeu
038 Sekong
041 Savannakhet
051 Khammouan
054 Bolikhamsai
061 Xiengkhouang
064 Houaphanh
071 Louang Prabang
074 Sainhabouli
081 Oudomxay
084 Bokeo
086 Louang Namtha
088 Phongsali


Starting January 1, 2012, fixed lines will be allowed to dial directly to other provinces/countries, but still using open dialing plan. To dial to other province, dial area code+phone number (0xx-xxxxxx), and to dial to other countries, dial 00+country code+phone number.

Before 2012, dialing to other provinces is 101, then wait for operator, the same thing as to other countries, but to other countries is 100. Before 2012, mobile phones are already allowed to dial to other provinces/countries directly.

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