Telephone numbers in Mauritius

Mauritius telephone numbers
Mauritius (orthographic projection).svg
Location of Mauritius
RegulatorInformation and Communication Technologies Authority of Mauritius
NSN lengthLandline: 7
Mobile: 8
Typical formatLandline: xxx xxxx
Mobile: 5 xxx xxxx
Numbering planNational Numbering Plan Mauritius
Last updated23 March, 2018
Access codes
Country calling code+230
International call prefix00

Telephone numbers in Mauritius follow a closed numbering plan and are regulated by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority.

Numbering details

Mauritian phone numbers are seven (landline) to eight digits (mobile) long. Landline numbers begin with 2 (north), 4 (central), or 6 (south). Mobile numbers begin with the digit 5.[1]

Calling formats

To call a Mauritius cell phone, the following format is used:

  • 5 123 4567 Calls inside Mauritius
  • +230 5 123 4567 Calls from outside Mauritius

To call a Mauritius fixed line, the following format is used:

  • 123 4567 Calls inside Mauritius
  • +230 123 4567 Calls from outside Mauritius


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