Telephone numbers in Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha

Country Code: +290
International Call Prefix: 00
Trunk Prefix: 0

Ascension Island no longer shares the same country code with the rest of Saint Helena (i.e. Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha).

Format: +290 XXXX

2013 change to numbering plan

From 1 October 2013 all existing 4-digit telephone numbers on St Helena will be prefixed by a ‘2’ to implement a 5-digit numbering plan.[1] The change in numbering resulted after the increased demand for new telephone services while also providing a platform for the future introduction of a cellular network on the island.[2]


Number range[3] Area Comments
1XX – 19XX non-geographic PSTN Service Numbers
9XX non-geographic Emergency Services
1XXXX Reserved Reserved for future Telephone Services
20XXX PSTN Services
21XXX PSTN Services
22XXX Jamestown, St Helena PSTN Services
23XXX - 25XXX PSTN Services
260XX – 261XX Information Service
262XX non-geographic Voice Messaging
263XX non-geographic Flexible Access
264XX - 29XXX PSTN Services
3XXXX Reserved for future Telephone Services
4XXXX Reserved for future Telephone Services
5XXXX non-geographic Mobile[4]
6XXXX non-geographic Mobile[4]
7XXXX Reserved for future Telephone Services
8XXXX Tristan Da Cunha Reserved for future Telephone Services
9XXXX Reserved for future Telephone Services

Tristan da Cunha

Although Tristan da Cunha shares the +290 code with St Helena, residents have access to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Telecommunications Network, provided by Global Crossing.[5] This uses a London 020 numbering range, meaning that numbers are accessed via the UK telephone numbering plan.[6]

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