Telephone numbers in San Marino

San Marino telephone numbers
CountrySan Marino
Access codes
Country calling code+378
International call prefix00
Trunk prefixnone

Telephone numbers in San Marino are 6 to 10 digits long. Numbers starting with either 0, 8 or 9 are assigned to landlines, 6 is used for mobile services, 5 for IP telephony services and 7 for premium numbers. There's no trunk code: all the digits are always dialed.[1]

The country code for San Marino is 378.[2] However, landlines are reachable via the Italian country code 39 as well.[3] The international call prefix is 00. The emergency numbers are "112"/"113" (police), "115" (fire) and "118" (medical).[4]


Until 1996, San Marino was part of the Italian telephone numbering plan, using the Italian area code "0549".[5] However, in that year, it adopted its own country code "378" although dialing arrangements between San Marino and Italy continued as before.[6] In 1998, as Italy switched to a closed dialing plan, San Marino incorporated the 0549 area code into its subscribers' numbers.[7]

The following numbers are equivalent:

  • "0549 xxx xxx": from Italy
  • "+378 xxx xxx": from rest of the world
  • "+39 0549 xxx xxx": from rest of the world, using the Italian country code
  • "+378 0549 xxx xxx": from rest of the world, using the San Marino country code and the Italian area code

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