Telephone numbers in Sudan

Sudan telephone numbers
Access codes
Country calling code+249
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0

The following are the telephone codes in Sudan.

Calling formats

To call in Sudan, the following format is used:

  • 0tp axx xxxx - calls within Sudan
  • +249 tp axx xxxx - calls from outside Sudan
  • t is the Service Type Identifier (1 for fixed lines, 9 for mobile),
  • p is the Service Provider Identifier, and
  • a is the Area Code.
For fixed lines: a is 3: Khartoum; 5: Khartoum North; 6: Khartoum Rural; 7: Omdurman[1]

Company codes

Allocations in Sudan[2]
Service type Company Prefix
Fixed line Sudani 10, 11, 12
Canar 15
Sudatel 18
MTN Sudan 92, 93, 99
Network of the World Ltd (NOW) 95
Zain Sudan 90, 91, 96
* 18 is mentioned within the contact number,[3] but not in the table. It is possible that code 18 became 12 at some point, though there is speculation that 12 is simply a new number range.


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