Telephone numbers in Taiwan

Taiwan telephone numbers
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Access codes
Country calling code+886
International call prefix002, 005, 006, 007, 009, 019, 9002, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9009
Trunk prefix0

Telephone numbers in Taiwan use a system of area codes, beginning 02 to 08. The leading digit(s) following the area code denote the network operator (Chunghwa Telecom and its competitors). Mobile numbers begin 09. The international code for calls into Taiwan is 886.

Area codes


The emergency numbers in Taiwan are 110 (police) and 119 (fire and ambulance services).

When making an inter-area long-distance call from within Taiwan, a long-distance prefix "0" is required. If calls are made from within the same area code, then the area code does not need to be included. Inter-area calls are defined as long-distance phone calls even when the two numbers have the same prefix.

If calls are made from outside Taiwan, the "0" of the area code prefix is omitted.

The following table of area codes includes this "0" prefix. The government reserves code 1 for Nanjing, the capital of the Republic of China according to the constitution, which it does not actually control.

Prefix Area[2][3] Divisions Digits Notes
Taipei Taipei City, New Taipei City, Keelung City 8 Numbers that start with 2,3 and 8 are assigned to Chunghwa Telecom (ILEC-the main operator), Number ranges that start with 4, 5, 6 and 7 are competitive fixed network operators, such as Taiwan Fixed Network (TFN), New Century InfoComm LTD (NCIC), and Asia Pacific Telecom (APT), as Chunghwa Telecom no longer holds a monopoly in this market area.
Taoyuan Taoyuan City 7 starts with 2* (minor), 3 (Taoyuan District), 4* (Zhongli)

Numbers start with ranges 21, 22, 28 are assigned to (CHT), Numbers start with 25 (APT), 26 (TFN), and 27 (NCIC) belong to competitive local operators.

All numbers starting with 3 belong to Chunghwa Telecom, as CHT holds a monopoly in Taoyuan District.

Numbers that start with 4 are assigned to Chunghwa Telecom except ranges 405 (APT), 406 (TFN), and 449 (NCIC).

Hsinchu Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County 7 starts with 5 (major), 6* (minor)

Numbers start with 6 are assigned to CHT except 60 (APT), 61 (TFN), 62 (NCIC).

Hualien Hualien County 7 starts with 8*

Number ranges that start with 800, 805, and 890 belong to APT, TFN, and NCIC respectively.

All other numbers that start with 8 are assigned to the dominant fixed-line operator (Chunghwa Telecom).

Yilan Yilan County 7 starts with 9

All number ranges are assigned to Chunghwa Telecom except numbers starting with 900 (APT), 905-906 (TFN), 910 (NCIC).

Miaoli Miaoli County 6 All numbers belong to Chunghwa Telecom except these numbers starting with:




Taichung Taichung City 8 starts with 22-24 & 270 (urban area), 25 (Fengyuan, including Zhuolan, Miaoli), 26 (Dajia and Shalu), 3 (minor)- Note according to Chinese Wikipedia these numbers have been merged with several prefixes resulting in numbers assigned to be from one city code.

All numbersare with Chunghwa Telecom except the following ranges: (Competitive Local Operators)

3500-3509 APT 3600-3611 TFN 3700-3707 NCIC 3900–3903,3920-3922 VeeTime Corp

Changhua Changhua County 7 starts with 7 (Changhua City), 8 (Yuanlin) (CHT-Landlines) Except the following listed below.

700-704 TFN

705-709 NCIC

800-804 APT

Nantou Nantou County 7 starts with 2, (CHT landlines) including Fenyuan, Changhua, 5-7 (Competitive Local Operators)

500 APT

600 TFN

700 NCIC

Chiayi Chiayi City, Chiayi County 7 starts with 2 (Chiayi City and Minxiong), 3 (Dongshi) Except ranges listed below.

(Competitive Local Operators)

300 APT

310 TFN

320 NCIC

Yunlin Yunlin County 7 starts with 5 (Douliu), 6 (Huwei), 7 (Beigang) Except those ranges listed below: According to Chinese Wikipedia these prefixes could have been merged.

(Competitive Local Operators)

700 TFN

750 APT

770 NCIC

Tainan Tainan City 7 starts with 2 & 3 (urban area), 5 (Xinhua and Shanhua), 6 (Xinying), 7 (Jiali) All numbers belong to Chunghwa Telecom.

Range exceptions:

(Competitive Local Operators)

510-513 APT

600-602 TFN

700-703 NCIC

Penghu Penghu County 7 starts with 9 (CHT Landlines)

Except ranges:

950 APT 960 TFN 970 NCIC

Kaohsiung Kaohsiung City 7 including Pratas Island and the Spratly Islands

(Note: 070 prefix is used for VOIP phone services, these numbers are 8 digits instead of 7).

Except ranges listed as Competitive Local Operators:

860–862,96X TFN



All other ranges belong to Chunghwa Telecom.

Pingtung Pingtung County 7 starts with 7 (Pingtung City and Chaozhou), 8 (Donggang and Hengchun)

(Competitive Local Operators)

800-801 APT

810 TFN

820-821 NCIC

Kinmen Kinmen County 6 mainly starts with 3 (CHT Landlines)

Exceptions are local competitive operators that start with ranges




Wuqiu Wuqiu Township 5 starts with 6

All numbers belong to Chunghwa Telecom in this area.

Matsu Lienchiang County 5 starts with 2 (Nangan), 5(Beigan), 7 (Dongyin), 8 (Juguang) Chunghwa Telecom Landlines. Numbers start with 6 and 9 are competitive local operators.


Taitung Taitung County 6 NUmbers belonging to Chunghwa Telecom except starting with:




Mobile phones

Taiwan mobile phone numbers always begin with 09 followed by 8 digits (e.g. 0918909875). The 0 is omitted when calling a Taiwan mobile phone number from outside Taiwan (e.g. +886 970699044). If calling a landline within Taiwan from a local Taiwan mobile phone, the 0 of area code prefix must be included (e.g. 0 + area code + 8 digit landline number).

Prefixes: (09)XXXX-XXXX


Mobile Phones (090 range is mostly used for wireless data services, M2M).

Toll-free and premium rate

Toll-free numbers begin with the prefix 0800 and 0809.[4]

Numbers in the 020x prefix are used for value-added services:[5]

Prefix Purpose
0201 Voting services
0203 Bulk announcements
0204 Premium rate numbers

International dialing codes

The international dialling code for making calls to Taiwan, and the other islands under the control of the Republic of China government, is 886.

International dialing codes are assigned by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to its member states and their dependencies. In the 1960s, the Republic of China, based in Taiwan, was assigned the area code 866. However, in 1971 the People's Republic of China replaced the Republic of China as a member of the United Nations and, consequently, the ITU. In the late 1970s, the code 86 and all three-digit codes beginning with 86 were reassigned to the People's Republic of China.[6] Taiwan was unofficially allocated the code 886 instead, with the ITU listing the code as 'reserved', until 2006, when the code was formally allocated to "Taiwan, China". [7][8] In practice, the 886 code is used also for the other islands under the control of the Republic of China government beyond Taiwan island and outside Taiwan province.


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