Telephone numbers in Uganda

Uganda telephone numbers
Uganda (orthographic projection).svg
Uganda (dark green)
Access codes
Country calling code+256
International call prefix000
Trunk prefix0

Until 1999, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda shared a telephone numbering plan, in which subscribers were only required to dial the trunk code, area code and number. In that year, this was discontinued following Tanzania's adoption of a new numbering plan, although calls between the three countries only required regional prefixes rather than international dialling. To call Uganda from Tanzania and Kenya, subscribers dial 006 instead of +256.

List of area codes in Uganda

Area Code Area/City
414 Kampala
456 Kaliro
434 Jinja
454 Mbale
464 Mityana
4644 Mubende
4654 Masindi
4714 Gulu
4734 Lira
4764 Arua
4814 Masaka
4834 Fort Portal
4854 Mbarara
4864 Kabale/Rukungiri/Kisoro
4895 Iganga


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